Bio: Julia Mattison is thrilled to be making her broadway debut! Regional credits include various productions at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco as well as a reading of A Young Lady of Property at the Royal National Theater with Horton Foote and director Craig Slaight. Musical performances include concerts at Joe’s Pub, Birdland, and Ars Nova in NYC as well as tribute concerts to Joni Mitchell (A.C.T) and Bob Dylan (A.C.T/R.N.T).

As a singer/songwriter, Julia has been featured on CBS Radio’s, and in various venues in SF including Slim’s and the Great American Music Hall.

As a comedian, Julia has earned awards for her work in sketch and standup comedy, and was featured in EW, The AV Club, NY Mag, and more for her latest spoof creation, Human Centipede: The Musical with her college comedy troupe, Chocolate Cake City, for which she wrote the music and lyrics.

Julia is a proud alumnus of Emerson College with a BFA in Musical Theater. Love and thanks to her amazing family, friends, KSR, Liz, A.C.T and her MT BFA’s.

Role You're Playing:



San Francisco, CA

Song You Sang at Your Godspell Audition:

I sang “Easy To Be Hard” and then a song I wrote where I played guitar and wore a flashing neon green beard and shouted a lot… So that’s a first? At callbacks I sang “Day By Day” and “Bless the Lord”… and a repeat of some neon green beard action.

Something You Can Do That Others Can't:

Musical improvisation! Give me a topic and I will make you up a song until you beg me to stop… or join in for a musical extravaganza.

First Broadway Show You Ever Saw:

I think it was Phantom of the Opera. Chandelier nightmares, but the coolest thing I had ever seen.

Pop Culture Guilty Pleasure:

Hanson, but I am all kinds of proud about that one. I also might read Perez on the daily.

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Performers:

Work hard, learn always, be bold, and have fun! If you know you want to be a performer, never lose your confidence and always realize how lucky you are to pursue a dream career. Also take risks… I left my first 2 Godspell auditions assuming I made the biggest fool of myself in the world. Luckily they were on the hunt for some fools :)

Why you love Godspell:

Firstly I am in love with the music. I also love that it’s a show that can be re-interpreted and shaped by each new cast. It has such a powerful message and I love that it can be shared through humor and with a fresh take each time. I feel unbelievably lucky to not only see how this group creates a new Godspell, but to also be a part of the shows 40 year history that’s being shared by so many different Godspell families!